Ship's Hull

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The ships hull is mostly made out of Duraluminum.

When a ship is destroyed duraluminum alloys often survive. It is more heat resistant and glows for a while and can then be scooped. This is why some of the metal (such as aluminium) burns and the other parts only glow.

Some of the HUDs - see HUDSelector's Large & ExtraLarge HUDs - contain a HUD bar indicating the state of the hull - and a possible need for Maintenance.


  • BattleDamage makes hull damage in battle meaningful, requiring Emergency Hull Repairs or a Maintenance Overhaul.
  • IronHide OXP overlays the hull with armour, protecting the ship. If damaged, it needs repair.
  • HardShips allows underlaying the hull with extra armour to protect vulnerable areas.


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