Advanced Space Compass

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Advanced Space Compass
Name ASC
Cost 650₢
TL Availability 8
Coluber HUD's Advanced Space Compass
Showing planet behind and to the left


The Tyley-Feynman GW-99 astro-navigation compass with user-selectable target modes, is an addition to the ship a commander is unlikely to regret. The function it offers beyond that of the basic compass may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but there are many hidden navigational utilities in space, and once experienced how to exploit them with the ASC's contribution to effortless space-orienteering, one comes quickly to rely and depend on it.

This little item really unlocks the solar system for you. All sorts of things that were hidden away previously (unless you inadvertently bumped into them!) are now out there in plain sight. Rock hermits (if you are close enough), and a plethora of goodies from any OXPs you may have added to your Vanilla game: other planets and their orbital stations, the various installations in Commies, Dictators, Feudal States & Anarchies, gates, fuelling stations, SIRF's, etc. etc. Oh! And if you want to use goodies like Market Inquirer, you won't get the full functionality until you have bought this first.


Major astronomical bodies (suns, planets, moons) are detected at any distance. For the others, it is a beacon which is detected. Some beacons are of limited range and will not be detected outside that range.


As with a basic compass, one may navigate by:


  • OoASC-plr.png nearby planet directly ahead.
  • OoASC-plf.png nearby planet directly aft.

By a key toggle on the astrogation console, the advanced compass can alternatively navigate by:


  • OoASC-sf.png sun directly ahead.
  • OoASC-sr.png sun directly aft.

Navigational Buoys

Navigational buoys and other beacons are indicated by a rhombus, and an identifying letter. Pressing the \ or # key will cause the Advanced Space Compass to cycle though all the Beacons being transmitted by stations, buoys or ships in the current system. From 1.77, you can also use the Shift + \ to step backwards

List of Navigational Buoys

This list is no longer so useful as the modern game includes the name of what you are looking at (if the OXP complies!), and the modern HUDs spell it out for you! 2011 (Oolite v.1.76) was when things started to improve.

Witchpoint Buoy

  • OoASC-wif.png witchpoint buoy directly ahead.
  • OoASC-wir.png witchpoint buoy directly aft.

Station Buoy

  • OoASC-buf.png station buoy directly ahead.
  • OoASC-bur.png station buoy directly aft.


  • OoASC-stf.png nearby station directly ahead.
  • OoASC-str.png nearby station directly aft.


  • OoASC-taf.png locked target directly ahead.
  • OoASC-tar.png locked target directly aft.


These OXPs all require possession of an ASC:

Adding names

  • Planetary Compass & Planetary Compass Name Packs A, B, C & D. - for naming complex planetary systems: names planets & moons
  • Galactic Almanac MFD Unit both names and provides information on all stars, planets, moons gas giants and any ships and stations which are transmitting ID Beacons whilst you are in flight.

Adding objects

ASC is needed for these


Updating older HUDs


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