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Compass: planet is to the left but in front


The Compass is the vital instrument to help navigate from the witchpoint buoy to the main orbital station.


One may navigate by:


OoASC-plr.png nearby planet directly ahead.
OoASC-plf.png nearby planet directly aft.

and when one is close to the planet, the compass immediately switches over to


OoASC-stf.png nearby station directly ahead.
OoASC-str.png nearby station directly aft.

  • N - Main orbital station Navigation buoy (N may show beside the compass when you are close enough to the station)


This can be upgraded (for some 650₢) in a TechLevel 8 or greater system to the Advanced Space Compass/ASC. The ASC allows identification of far more objects than just the planet & main orbital station (the sun, the witchpoint buoy, other planets & moons, other stations, rock hermits etc).


The replacement of the circle (for the planet) by the square (for the station) was introduced for Oolite v.1.90. This was after 15 years of new players being told to look for the change to the square - and the change not happening! This could be quite confusing for new players, needless to say!


See the Advanced Space Compass for a much longer list: the basic compass only detects first the planet and then the Main Orbital Station.

For this oxp you will need a HUD which supports MFDs.

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