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Markets screen
Distances screen
MFD: shows price at main system orbital station and at a visiting liner's market. Neither have food supplies for sale at the moment


Changes to Docked F4 interface

Market Inquirer adds two interface screens (f4): one that shows the distances in system and another interface screen that shows the markets (prices and quantities) of the main station and selected stations closest to the player. Markets selected (if present) are

Interface screens are always available when docked to one of the selected stations and if ASC is installed, then in every station.


The markets of the aforementioned stations can also be viewed in-flight by using the purchasable, primable MFD (Multi-Function Display) equipment. Different commodities can be browsed in an MFD by priming the equipment and then pressing n or b.

  • See MFD for more details on managing MFDs. See Priming Equipment for details on how to prime OXP equipment such as CommsLogMFD!

You will need to have the ASC already installed to be able to buy this. The MFD is available at TL7 or greater. A mere snip at just 1,050₢.

More than six markets

If there are more than six such markets, the inquirer uses multiple pages for the information. Pages can be switched by choosing "swap".

Recommended oxps

If the Navigation MFD OXP is installed, distances are shown in the same unit it uses. Otherwise kilometers are used.


  • Oolite version 1.81.



If you want to add a station to the list of selected stations, you can add one of it's roles to the this.$inquirerStations list of this oxp or you can add the role "inquirer_station" to the station's roles. See How to tweak OXZ's for more detail.

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.14.1 2020-10-12 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Equipment Equipment OXPs Spara Oolite BB

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


While not all markets are shown (eg Rock Hermits & Deep Space Dredgers), others such as Liners are! This OXP enables one to make much more money in trading when combined with additional markets found in such OXPs as Stations for Extra Planets, Liners etc.