Talkative Space Compass

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Spells out the letter from the older HUD's Advanced Space Compasses (ie HoOpy Casino rather than just "C")


Compass announcements

This OXP gives a brief message when you switch the Advanced Space Compass target to show the name of the new target. This is most useful if you have a number of OXPs that add beacons installed, and either can't remember all the list or have two or more stations with the same compass letter installed (for example HoOpy Casinos and Constores both use 'C').

No further equipment purchases are necessary - this OXP automatically upgrades the older Advanced Space Compass.


The latest version of this OXP is 1.0.4: Download Talkative Space Compass 1.0.4. To install it, unzip the downloaded file, and move the TalkativeCompass_1.0.4.oxp directory in to your Addons directory.

Talkative Space Compass requires Oolite 1.76 or later, and is now only needed by the older HUD's.


This OXP is unnecessary if you have a newer HUD with beacon announcement functionality built in. Currently (2012) this applies to MilHUD 4000, Wide-Screen HUD and Aad-HUD. Other compass announcement OXPs are available as well, for example Updating TSC.



This forum thread should be used for discussion of this OXP.