Cargo Bay Expansion

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Some ships can be reconfigured to expand their cargo hold. This is no trivial upgrade, as it involves moving bulkheads and rerouting multiple systems, while maintaining the ship's inertial balance. Currently, there are quite a few ships that can sustain and accommodate the full 15 ton cargo bay expansion.

As a technological breakthrough is rumoured to be in the works, it is expected that more flexible cargo bay expansions may become available.


Conversion costs: 400.0 ₢.
Techlevel: 2

Incompatible hulls



Oolite Equipment
Standard Equipment
Astrogation ConsoleCargo HoldCompassEnergy banksEngine/Main Drive • HUDIFF ScannerLife Support SystemsMissilePulse LaserShieldsShip's HullTorus Jump DriveView Screen • Witchspace/Hyperspace Drive
Optional Equipment
Advanced Navigational ArrayAdvanced Space CompassCargo Bay ExpansionDocking ComputersE.C.M. SystemEscape PodExtra Energy UnitExternal Heat ShieldingFuel ScoopsGalactic HyperdriveIntegrated Targeting SystemMilitary Shield EnhancementMulti-Targeting SystemNaval Energy UnitPassenger BerthScanner Targeting EnhancementShield BoostersTarget System Memory ExpansionWitchdrive Fuel InjectorsWormhole Scanner
Beam LaserECM Hardened MissileEnergy BombMilitary LaserMining LaserMissilePulse LaserQuirium Cascade MineTwin Plasma Cannon