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FE Shipyards' invoice for CSR work undertaken on a Sidewinder FE.

FE Shipyards

FE Shipyards is pleased to extend our range of services to you, our valued customer, with a full cargo space refit of your ship.

A complete dismantling and refurbishment of your craft's utilizable interior, this radical refit has been found to double the hold capacity of most vessels.

We can complete this work within an expected timescale of one week.


The price you see listed on our shipyards' interface constitutes a deposit.

For the work, you will be charged 500 cr per TC of your vessel's nominal capacity.


Taking FE Ships as a baseline, capacities can be expanded as follows:

Gecko FE: 9 TC base + Refit = 18 TC. Cost: 4,500 cr.

Adder FE: 15 TC base + Refit = 30 TC. Cost: 7,500 cr.

Krait FE: 17 TC base + Refit = 34 TC. Cost: 8,500 cr.

Mamba FE: 20 TC base + Refit = 40 TC. Cost: 10,000 cr.

Viper II FE: 30 TC base + Refit = 60 TC. Cost: 15,000 cr.

Cobra III FE: 55 TC base + Refit = 110 TC. Cost: 27,500 cr.

Asp II FE: 75 TC base + Refit = 150 TC. Cost: 37,500 cr.

Our refit service will prove especially welcome to owners of ships such as the Gecko, Sidewinder, Krait, and Mamba, where the 15 TC Cargo Bay Expansion upgrade is not available.


Shipowners are advised to order their cargo space refits before fitting any Goods Containers. Eligibility for our refit service is calculated according to total capacity and credits available in your account. The Refit option will be absent from the Equipment list at the shipyard until or unless your balance can cover the cost of work.


OXP Version

Just unzip to Oolite-->AddOns, where "old style" OXP folders are kept.

Download Cargo Space Refit 1.0 OXP

OXZ Version

Download the OXZ version of CSR via Oolite's in-game Expansions Manager.

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage averageGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.0 2022-11-28 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Enhances Trading Equipment OXPs Reval []