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Mamba in Griff's colours - fly it with FE Ships Player...


Sidewinder in Griff's colours - fly it with FE Ships Player...


Krait in Griff's colours - fly it with FE Ships Player...


Viper in Griff's colours - fly it with FE Ships Player...


Viper II in Griff's colours - fly it with FE Ships Player...

FE Shipyards

The last major project of G.E.T.'s Transport Arm, FE Ships transforms the core Oolite craft into their Frontier First Encounters equivalents and makes all of them flyable. The result: Larger hull capacities and an altered speed scale across the board. Every non-player (AI) ship is replaced by an FE ship, so that no 'unfair advantage' on either side occurs.

Here's the breakdown:

1.SHIP CLASS, 2. FE Thrust, 3. LM (speed), 4. TC (tonnage)

        Adder      18.1     	0.240        15
     Anaconda       6.0     	0.080       400
          Asp      22.2     	0.294        75
          Boa       8.0     	0.106       700
      Cobra 1      16.1     	0.213        35
      Cobra 3      20.1     	0.267        55
  Constrictor      22.0     	0.292        65
 Fer-de-Lance      22.5     	0.298        10
        Gecko      16.0     	0.212         9
        Krait      20.1     	0.267        17
        Mamba      20.5     	0.272        20
        Moray      14.0     	0.186        45
       Python      10.0     	0.133       320
   Sidewinder      23.2     	0.308        15
        Viper      24.2     	0.321        25
      Viper 2      25.2     	0.334        30

Frontier:FE ships' original prices have also been taken into account.


FE Ships will, above all, be of benefit to traders and explorers, since Frontier and First Encounters increased the cargo capacity of all the original Elite ships.

For example, the Adder FE can boast a base 15 TC cargo hold, expandable to 30 TC with Oolite's cargo-bay extension. You will find this enhancement with FE ships across the board, including the now playable Gecko, Krait, Mamba, Sidewinder and Vipers.

To fly the new lightweight ships, you will need to install FE Ships Player alongside FE Ships.

For the full FE experience, use Normal Start and sell your Cobra III pronto!

At Lave, you will find available the Gecko, Krait, Sidewinder, Adder, and Cobra I. All will have the 'FE' suffix in-game.

Recommended upgrade paths for FE Ships Player:

Hunter: Gecko, Krait, Sidewinder, Mamba, Fer-de-Lance, Viper.

Trader: Gecko, Adder, Krait, Cobra I, Cobra III, Asp Explorer, and onward...

Geckos, Kraits, and Sidewinders have no docking computers, no military upgrades, no extra cargo holds, and all except the Krait no missiles. Their successful operation will prove a challenge. Enjoy!


Once downloaded, just move or copy the two OXZs to

Oolite->Oolite app->GNUstep->Library->ApplicationSupport->Oolite->ManagedAddOns

They will then appear as installed on your OXZ list in-game.

The easiest way by far of getting FE Ships is via your Oolite Expansions Manager. Both components will be downloaded and installed together straight away.

FE Ships

FE Ships download (BB Thread) and

FE Ships Player

FE Ships Player download (BB thread) Fly the Gecko, Krait, Sidewinder, Mamba, Viper I, Viper II, and several more Frontier FE ships unflyable in 'vanilla' Oolite and Elite.

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage averageGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.2 2020-12-16 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Enhances Trading Ships Reval see above