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F7 screen from the Vanilla game
F7 screen after being OXP'd!
*FPO Lave not only changes the look of the planet in the viewscreens, but also here.
*System Data Config compresses the text at the top, leaving room for more data beneath
*Lave OXP bumps the Tech Level from 5 up to 8(!) and adds the extra green text description
*Sun Gear adds the first yellow star text description
*Diplomancy adds the second yellow text taxes description
*XenonUI adds the text in the margins - the helpful functional menu & sub-commands
*The HUD shown is the CRR-HUD (Coluber Red Racer): see Guide to Unlisted OXPs
*Smugglers would add details of trade embargoes (not shown)
*Bugs, glorious bugs would a bug purely to systems populated with insects (not shown)
The early HUD (2012) does not fit well with the later XenonUI, as can be seen

This page is accessible both while docked and in flight. It gives you information about a star system. The left and right arrow keys toggle between the current system you are in, and whichever other system you have selected on the F6 Galactic map screen.

The keys will also toggle between other systems on your route if you have bought and have just used the ANA (Advanced Navigational Array) to select more than just two systems.


This screen is primarily an information screen, rather than one where you make decisions.

  • The "Left & Right Arrow keys" navigate between the selected systems (the one you are currently in and whichever one has been selected on the F6 Galactic map screen).
  • Pressing the F6 button takes you back to the Galactic map

Changing the page

There are a range of OXPs which change the look of individual planets: the older Lave OXP & Riredi OXP; and also the newer OXPs exploring the graphics changes with Version 1.90: FPO Lave, FPO Zaonce... and the rather more eccentric Lave is Earth 8k, Tionisla Is Mars 8k, Zaonce is Venus 8k, Diso is Jupiter 8k & Leesti is Moon 8k!
  • System Data Config & Compressed F7 Layout rearrange the page and bring in data from other OXPs
  • BGS 2.5.1 provides an overlay displaying the F7 data within a monitor and against a backdrop of a ship's bridge
  • XenonUI provides an on-screen reference list of key commands for this and the other F4-F8 pages
  • Famous Planets adds the extra text description
  • Some individual star system OXPs also change the planet description:
Lave OXP increases the TL from 5 to 8
Riredi OXP
Tianve OXP

Adding to the page

  • Diplomancy adds details of tax levels and the local treasury.
  • Galactic Navy OXP adds mention of the system being a local Sector Command system (if it is)
  • Real-Life Economics adds a Local Economic Balance indicator to this page.
  • Smugglers adds details of import & export restrictions.
  • Sun Gear adds details of the star type (Strangers World suite of OXPs)

HUD at page bottom

  • Docked HUDs removes your HUD from the bottom of the page, leaving only the fuel bar & missile display. Some of the more recent HUDs do this automatically. Other HUDs leave the space clear (eg Numerical HUD & Aad-HUD‎).


There is no such page. Various proposals have been put forwards over the years (including a page of information about the system - planets, moons etc.), but ... nothing yet!

This sort of information is currently available on the F4 page (ship and system interfaces) - provided by OXPs such as LittleBear's Galactic Almanac and Spara's Market Inquirer.