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This now costs 1,000₢!

The Story

In the world of Oolite, everything comes with a price tag. When you start your game, you get a shining new Cobra Mk III with a factory installed map-module. It's somewhat disappointing to notice that your map-module is a bit dated. All you've got is a map with the names of the systems and the current statuses of the "Old Worlds." All other information about the other systems is simply unknown.

You can explore the unknown systems and your map gradually updates itself or you can buy a new map module for the current galaxy with full information and replace the factory installed one. You can also buy short range update on main stations.

The bought-in map-module is a bit fragile, so it can be damaged. If that happens, you simply put back the old one and use it until you get the broken one fixed. The original module is indestructible.

Effects of the cheap local 30₢ map shown: systems within the 7ly range have their details shown. Systems beyond are almost all shown as 1TL highly industrialised anarchies! And the F7 screen is similarly borked!

What it does

This oxp hides information of unknown systems from the short range scanner screen and the system data screen. When you visit an unknown system, the new system is updated to the map. When you visit the main station of a system, you can buy an update that updates all nearby systems the map.

If you buy the galactic map equipment, you will get the whole galaxy of data, but your old map does not get updated. If your bought map gets damaged, your old map module is in use again.

You will need a different map for every galaxy.

Word of warning

This oxp alters the properties of systems when the player is in the short range scanner screen. The properties are restored in the other views. If another oxp reads system properties when they are altered, problems may occur.



  • If you jump to a new system, that system is added to your map
  • If you dock to the main station AND go to f6-screen, systems that are closer that 5 LY are updated (thanks for the idea Commander McLane)
  • Unknown systems are marked to be TL1 anarchy hi-tech.
  • For 30₢ you can update the short range map (<7LY) on main stations.
  • For 1,000₢ you can buy the full map (only in >TL11 main stations). You'll need one such map per galaxy.
  • If you try to view the info screen of an unknown system, you will get a mission screen saying you can't.


The Munificent Maik's Mirror download site.


  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: Spara
  • Version: v. 0.3.1 (28.8.2012)
  • Required Oolite Version: 1.76.1


  • Exploration
  • There are two similar OXPs which blank the map but don't allow you to buy a new one...
Here be Dragons by Stranger (2013-9)
Zero Map - Explore the galaxy by SMax (2016)

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


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