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F6 Long distance chart (Zero Map)
New Galaxy: SOTL Altmap
New Game: SOTL Exploration
Prospecting for resources
Hyperspace jumping in SOTL Exploration

To perform meaningful "exploration" in Oolite requires two matters.

  • Ignorance about what one is exploring!
  • Game modifications enhancing the act of exploration!


Ignorance can be achieved in one of two ways.

  • For those not yet knowledgeable about the vanilla eight galaxies, the relevant information can be hidden using OXP's.
  • For those who have know too much about The Eight, one can play in other galaxies. These will not share the lore built up around the eight, but they will be new!

Things to do

* Explore the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard (with the three OXP's loaded - and equipped with BroadcastComms MFD to interrogate the monuments). You can throw in the Tionisla Chronicle Array for good measure!
* Explore the Tianve Pulsar (with Tianve OXP loaded)
* Try and find a Generation ship (don't forget to load the oxp first!)
* Visit Aqualina in Galaxy 3 (with Aquatics loaded) 
* Load either FarPlanets or the Strangers World suite and visit some far-out planets (in Stranger's World you can make excellent profits on alcoholic drinks if visiting a station!).
* Try and find the HIMSN naval stations (don't forget to load the oxp first!)!

Game modifications

OXP's hiding unexplored parts of the galaxy

At the time of writing (June 2022) only Zero Map seems to function on the AppleMac (Oolite v.1.90)

OXP's recording explorational exploits

New Galaxies to explore

  • SOTL Altmap - a new suite of 8 galaxies with political regions, uninhabited systems, new commodities and slightly different equipment. Unfinished but playable.
This is a scenario oxp which prevents including other oxp's. You might wish to tweak this to allow loading some of these other OXPs as well as, say, Market Observer. See page for details.
  • Galaxy Seeds - essay on creating new galaxies, link to Pleb's Oolite Galaxy Generator (Windows only)

Changing those Galaxies

Different stars, more/different planets, moons, rings, flares, etc.

New Explorational Game

  • SOTL Exploration - no combat. New galaxy, different hyperspace jump method (which requires steering). Locate resources for your stranded mother ship!