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Removed all oxp's but this & planetfall - and added Extended Shipyards
Extended Shipyards allows rental

A Space suit you can dive out of the orbital station in, down to the Planet below (Planetfall OXP required)


  • Silly little OXP as a tribute to the bravery of both Nasa and Felix Baumgartner:
  • A Space suit you can dive out of the space station from to the Planet below (planetfall oxp required)
  • Also added as an NPC shuttle, and a minimal HUD
  • As Planetfall requires Docking computers, these are equipped as standard (hence silly)
  • Be careful as you leave the station, you'll be in the way of other traffic and slow to get out of their way


  • Complex: See documentation & BB Thread below
  • By Knotty


This might well be the basis for allowing EVA in Oolite.

There are a couple of problems. On a minor note, the astronaut needs finishing off (does hyperjump ability need removing? does the speed need reducing? etc).

More importantly, at the moment, putting on the spacesuit is really a just variation on buying a new ship. So it can only be done while docked, when one can access the F3F3 shipyards. There needs to be a more immersive way of doing this (see here for one suggestion). And there would also need to be work done on what happens on "arrival". So, for Murgh's Refugee Adder, one could in theory put on the suit and with a drone carrying food (and SW Economy's water & medicine) make one's way over to deliver the supplies, there needs to be a representation of what happens at the far end. 


Boxcn (2012) Download, unzip and bung in the AddOns folder (see OXP if more detail is needed)!


Marziani verdi Martelli Veloce e Appuntita - out-Fer's the Fer-de-Lance for luxury & style
Realistic Stars - makes Oolite skies more similar to what we know (star density, brightness, nebulae, sun distance etc)
Gigantophis v0.1 - heavy cargo vessel (2018)