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Below are some ways to explore the Elite Wikipedia:

More obvious

  • Search for articles by entering your search item in the search box in the sidebar. See also Wikipedia:Searching.
  • Follow links from article to article.
  • Go to a random article by clicking Random page in the sidebar
  • Browse the various categories.

Less obvious

  • View what recent edits have been made to Elite Wiki by clicking Recent Changes in the sidebar. See also Wikipedia:Recent Changes
  • Use your watchlist to track changes made to a particular page. Click "my watchlist" on the top of the page to add pages to your watchlist. This feature is only available to logged in users.


  • Find the pages that link to the present page by clicking "What links here" in the toolbox in the sidebar. This functionality is also available for pages that do not exist.
  • Use the special pages by clicking Special pages in the sidebar.

The location of the search box and other links described on this page only applies to the "default skin".

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