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Modern OXPs are written in JavaScript. Specifically oolite.jsVersion 185, an Oolite specific variant of ECMAv5 (2009). It is the same Spidermonkey version (1.8.5 - March 2011) that Firefox 4 shipped with many years ago, but it is a special build for Oolite. This is the version that we have almost always had and it has not changed between versions of the game. It is unlikely to change in the future (due to the immense amount of work involved in tampering with it!).

  • Legacy Scripting gives an introduction to javascript's precursor languages (for earlier oxp's)


  • Scripters cove (2007-date) is a general Q&A thread for programming issues, brimming with advice and suggestions. Be warned! The version of Javascript used in 2007 is earlier than that canonised for Oolite in 2011 - and which is still used. And there are over 100 pages of it!
  • Just a comment on a line of code (2012-13) contains some useful general comments on Javascript programing for Oolite


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