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Note: this describes a feature currently in Oolite 1.81 which may change significantly before release

The global settings file contains game settings with universal effect which do not belong anywhere else. In versions prior to 1.81, many of these lived in planetinfo.plist.

Hyperspace Travel

Galactic Hyperspace Behaviour

The key galactic_hyperspace_behaviour controls where the player will arrive after a G.H. has been executed. There are three possible types of G.H. behavior and are as follows:

1) Oolite standard. This is what we have up to this moment. Executing a G.H. jump will poisition the player in the next galaxy, to the closest non-isolated system with regards to their current galaxy coordinates. So, for example, if you jump from coordinates (100, 50) in galaxy 1 you will arrive in galaxy 2 at the same coordinates, unless these coordinates refer to an unreachable system, in which case the arrival point will be adjusted by the engine to maybe something like (102, 51). This is set as default behavior. It is set by assigning the string BEHAVIOUR_STANDARD to the galactic_hyperspace_behaviour key.

2) All systems reachable. Same as above, only this time we do not check for arrival at an isolated system. Using this method, systems like Oresrati in G8, the lower left hand cluster of systems in G7, the two islands of isolated systems in G6 etc. are now possible arrival points. If you land there, you may not be able to exit again, depending on the tech levels of the systems you get to. Mission scripters may want to use this. This behaviour is set by assigning the string BEHAVIOUR_ALL_SYSTEMS_REACHABLE to galactic_hyperspace_behaviour key in planetinfo.plist.

3) Fixed coordinates arrival point. This will make Oolite simulate some older 8-bit versions, that were putting the player in the same fixed point every time a galactic jump was performed, but there is also good potential for scripting (see below). This is set by assigning the string BEHAVIOUR_FIXED_COORDINATES to the galactic_hyperspace_behaviour key.

Galactic Hyperspace Fixed Coords

If the fixed coordinates method is chosen, then the engine will look in global-settings.plist for a key named galactic_hyperspace_fixed_coords, from which it will read the actual coordinates that will be used as the arrival point in the next galaxy. If none is found, then coordinates (96,96) will be used.

Hyperspace Tunnel Color

One or two colours can be set, using RGBA format, to over-ride the appearance of the hyperspace tunnel effect. Example:

 hyperspace_tunnel_color_1 = (1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5);
 hyperspace_tunnel_color_2 = (0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.25);

Shield recharging

This setting controls the minimum charge level of the energy banks before the shields start charging. It's taken as a percentage value from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%). If the energy banks are less than this, energy is first used to charge the banks, and only then the shields. Default: 0.0

shield_charge_energybank_threshold = "0.25"