OXP scriptInfo

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Quite a few OXPs are using script_info keys to define specific settings per entity or per equipment and it gets harder to keep track of all possibilities with every new released OXP.

This page gives a short overview about used keys in OXPs in shipdata.plist.

Keyname Category OXP Short description
bgs_chatExpand Station BGS Enables chatter for secondary stations.
bgs_engineAmbi Playership BGS Specifies ambient engine sound.
bgs_engineDown Playership BGS Specifies engine sound when decelerating.
bgs_engineUp Playership BGS Specifies engine sound when accelerating.
bgs_tunnel_contrast Station BGS Adjusts contrast of bgs_tunnel_texture.
bgs_tunnel_off Station BGS Disables tunnel effect.
bgs_tunnel_shape Station BGS Shape of the tunnel effect.
bgs_tunnel_texture Station BGS Texture for the tunnel effect.
bgs_tunnel_tint Station BGS Color for the stripes in tunnel effect.
bombType Armoury
bounty Random Hits
ccl_missionShip Ship Cabal Common Library Flags this ship as mission relevant.
ccl_secureChannel Ship Cabal Common Library Property in the ship-script that holds the object for ship2ship communications.
ccl_secureChannelPrep Ship Cabal Common Library Function in the ship-script that initiates the object.
classifiedShip Ship Technical Reference Library Exclude this ship from the library.
DroneEquipment Armoury
extraMissileLauncher Random Hits
GNN Station GNN Enables interface on non main stations in stellarSpace.
grs_dockinglength Ship BuoyRepair Specifies distance for external dockers on buoyRepair facilities.
hateScore Random Hits
launchingRack Armoury
launch_name Armoury
level Random Hits
markLevel Random Hits
nextBuoy Lave Academies
npc_shields NPC-shields
podChance Random Hits
podType Random Hits
qmineChance Random Hits
score Galactic Navy
ship_name Aquatics
shipversion Ship ShipVersion Set fixed version (1-10).
skilled_npcs_role Skilled NPCs Controls behaviour for accuracy changes.
snoopersNews Station Snoopers Enables Snoopers on non-main stations or stations without NPC traffic.
telescope Telescope Alter the detection range of the ships, detect custom stations.
thargoidRepairBotChance RepairBots
UPSAIName UPS Courier
vector_epodName Ship Vector Suffix for special ships.
vector_name Ship Vector Suffix for special ships. Used in descriptions too.
vector_ovcycle Ship Vector Overlay fadeout after vector_ovcycle seconds.