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If you’re familiar with OO design concepts, learning Objective-C is about half a day’s work. If not, maybe a few days. Objective-C is a much, much smaller extension to C than C++ is. Take your choice of introductory documents:

  • The Objective-C Programming Language – covers OO basics, just about the entire language (including bits not used in Oolite – the Exception Handling and Thread Synchronization chapter in particular) and the runtime library used in Apple’s implementation.
  • Objective-C is Fun – covers most of the language in about three pages. (Assumes a knowledge of C.)
  • Objective-C Beginner’s Guide – a more hands-on tutorial.

The biggest roadblock to most people seems to be the memory management model. (The chapter “Implementing Object Copy” can be considered an advanced topic in the context of Oolite, and the Core Foundation and Zones bit are of no interest.) The section Memory Management Rules is the really important bit.

That said, Oolite is not necessarily the best project to start with; taking a look at Apple’s or GNUstep’s tutorials. (The latter appears to be a rip-off– er, adaptation of the former.) These are geared towards GUI apps, though.

Ahruman, 2007

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