Modifying a Texture

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Textures or skins are 2D graphics that are wrapped around 3D objects by the game.

Quick Guide

  • Find the correct texture .png found in the /Textures folder
  • Back up the file you want to change
  • Open the texture in a 2D graphic editing program
  • Resample the image to 4096x4096
  • You can hopefully see the elements that are mapped to particular features on the model
  • Customize the existing image or ...
  • Create a 'coloring book' outline template and replace the elements from scratch.
  • Resample the image to 1024x1024.
  • Save it as a .png

Detailed Guide

Location of files

The textures are stored in Oolite as .png files in the /Textures folder. Which /Textures folder depends on whether the object is part of the standard game or part of an add-on.

            Textures/  <-- Textures for standard ships live here.
            Textures/  <-- Textures for ShipX live here.
            Textures/  <-- Textures for ShipY live here.

Using shipdata.plist to see which textures are loaded

Ship textures usually carry an obvious name e.g. ShipX_body.png. But not always. To confirm which textures are loaded for ShipX open the file shipdata.plist in a text editor.

    < >