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This file supersedes pirate-victim-roles.plist from Oolite 1.79 onwards. It does nothing in previous versions.

This file sets up various categories into which roles can be placed. These categories can then be used by the AI, using the Ship.roleIsInCategory() Javascript function, to determine its reaction to a particular ship.

Its format is a dictionary, with the key being the category name, and the value being a list of ship roles (or player roles) in that category. For example:

   /* Roles used by bounty hunters */
   "oolite-bounty-hunter" = (

This file has slightly different merging rules to most other Oolite plists. If two role-categories.plist files define the same key, the result will be the union of the values of those files, not simply one or the other. This allows OXPs to easily add extra roles to existing categories.

Oolite currently defines the following categories, but you are free to add more in OXPs.

  • oolite-assassin: roles used by ships which hunt couriers to destroy their packages and passengers
  • oolite-bounty-hunter: roles used by bounty hunters (i.e. ships that destroy offenders for their bounty)
  • oolite-courier: roles used by ships that make money specifically carrying packages or parcels from system to system
  • oolite-escort: roles used by ships which escort other ships. A ship with a primary role not in this list will never be accepted as an escort
  • oolite-pirate: roles used by pirate ships
  • oolite-pirate-enemy: roles used by ships which routinely attack pirates (e.g. bounty hunters, police)
  • oolite-pirate-leader: roles used by the leaders of large pirate packs.
  • oolite-pirate-victim: ships likely to be carrying cargo suitable for pirate attack. Any roles in an old pirate-victim-roles.plist file will also be added to this category.
  • oolite-police-like: roles the police are more likely to side with in a fight
  • oolite-police-dislike: roles the police are less likely to side with in a fight
  • oolite-scavenger: roles used by scavenger and miner ships
  • oolite-shuttle: roles used by ships which travel between stations and planets in one system, and are usually unarmed
  • oolite-trader: roles used by ships that make money carrying items (including trade goods) from system to system

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