Racing Script

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What follows is in Legacy Scripting. For something in Javascript see Thargoid's Ring Racer OXP

   "lord-of-the-rings" = (
       {conditions = (
 		"mission_lotr1 equal PASSED"  ); 
	do = (
		"set: mission_ring_passage [clock_number]",
 		"subtract: mission_ring_passage [mission_ring_time]",
		"increment: mission_ringcounter",
		"reset: mission_lotr1",
		"commsMessage: Passed through ring in [mission_ring_passage] seconds.",
        {conditions = (
		"mission_ring_id equal 1-TRB",
		"mission_next_ring undefined" 	);
	do = (
		"set: mission_next_ring 2-TRB",
		"commsMessage: Timer running...",
		"set: mission_lotr_start [clock_number]",
		"reset: mission_lotr_end"  );  },
        {conditions = (
		"mission_ring_id equal 2-TRB",
		"mission_next_ring equal 2-TRB"	);
 		do = ("set: mission_next_ring 3-TRB");	},
        {conditions = (
		"mission_ring_id equal 3-TRB",
		"mission_next_ring equal 3-TRB"	);
	do = ("set: mission_next_ring 4-TRH");	},
        {conditions = (
		"mission_ring_id equal 4-TRH",
		"mission_next_ring equal 4-TRH"	);
 	do = (
		"commsMessage: Run complete!",
		"set: mission_lotr_end [clock_number]",
		"set: mission_lotr_total_time [mission_lotr_end]",
		"subtract: mission_lotr_total_time [mission_lotr_start]",
		"commsMessage: Total test time: [mission_lotr_total_time] seconds.",
		"reset: mission_lotr_start",
		"reset: mission_lotr_end",
		"reset: mission_lotr_total_time",
		"reset: mission_lotr_start",
		"reset: mission_ring_id",
		"reset: mission_next_ring"); } ); } ); }

RacingRing_AI - this page has been deleted: see Maik's note here: (The whole content gives no real information. And it shows an AI from a custom oxp. The prototype training ring system has a separate AI for each single ring. However, they are linked together and are virtually identical. Th...")

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