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The AI than hat to use "setDestinationFromCoordinates" to upload the coordinates. Than "performFaceDestination" to turn to this destination.

This call "setPlanetPatrolCoordinates " is only mend for station patrol. It counts how much it is called for and than gives an answer.

1st call: go to 5km ahead of the main station
2nd call: go to 25km N of the main station
3th call: go to 25km E of the main station
4th call: go to 25km S of the main station
5th call: go to 25km W of the main station

After the 5t call it has 25% change of changing the AI to "dockingAI.plist" The other 75% it restarts the loop from the 2nd call.

Since Oolite 1.73 this command is using the "mother station" of the caller instead of the "main station". This enables to launch a local patrol ship from any station. When the caller has no mother station, it will default to main station.

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