Commodity Calculator

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Commodity Calculator

A tool to calculate prices for your OXP station, or for where to head next planning your journey across the stars.

It comes with almost no instructions as for OXP developers it should be pretty straight forward and testing and practice makes perfect...


  • Enter the values in the fields & press button "Calculate Price" to get the prices.
  • Do the same for quantities. You can insert the default values by selecting the wanted commodity clicking that very button.
  • You can change the commodity name of the plist string for commodity.plist file by simply changing the name in the preset field

Order of values in the array

0.	The name of the commodity
1.	Units available at a market (this is calculated at each marketplace)
2.	Price per unit at a market (this is calculated at each marketplace)
3.	The base price per unit MARKET_BASE_PRICE
4.	An adjustment to price based on the economy MARKET_ECO_ADJUST_PRICE
5.	An adjustment to units availble based on the economy MARKET_ECO_ADJUST_QUANTITY
6.	The base quantity available to a market MARKET_BASE_QUANTITY
7.	A 'mask' which defines how the price varies MARKET_MASK_PRICE
8.	A 'mask' which defines how the quantity varies MARKET_MASK_QUANTITY
9.	The unit of quantity (0 == tons, 1 == kilos, 2 == grams)

Prices (at top): The first box takes #3, the second takes #4 and the third takes #7

Quantity (below): The fourth box takes #5, the fifth takes #6 and the sixth takes #8

So, from the Galactic_Navy.oxp commodities.plist (for the SecCom stations):

			<integer>0</integer>       <-#1
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#2
			<integer>12</integer>      <-#3
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#4
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#5
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#6
			<integer>1</integer>       <-#7
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#8
			<integer>0</integer>       <-#9

yields a quantity of 0 for sale (whatever the system type), but a price (for buying) between 4.8 - 5.2₢ (whatever the system type).


  • Version 1.0: initial version. Note that your browser might block downloadable html files, just allow for this once only.

Further Information

  • Author: Frame
  • Discussion about Commodity Calculator on the BB is here.
  • Commodity Calculator is written in HTML 4 & Java Script, therefore you should have no problem in running it. If you are getting errors, please PM these along with a console readout of the error (consult your Browsers help documents for the whereabouts of this) to Frame on the BB.