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Nope, there's no significance to this pic being here. I just like it, is all

Hmmmm, I should do something with this page. Haven't decided on what, though...

Suggestions (delete on reading!)

•Short biography? How you ended up as a devotee of The Dark Side? How you got into the game back in 2012?

•Link to your introduction to javascript? And to your Station Bulletins oxp?

•Critique of Oolite?

•Stuff you would like to do in Oolite - or to see in-game? What you like about the game? Thoughts on how it has changed since 2012?

•List of your favourite oxp's?

Oh - and I like the picture too (I found it languishing unused while scouring the BB last year, and then started to look for where I could put it).

Now that I finally have some free time, I'd dearly love to update a few older oxp's - especially Life in the Frontier (I'd like to start with adding to the bookshop!) & SW Economy - would you be willing to help me in any of this? 

  Cholmondeley 19:20, 20 October 2022 (BST)

Read but definitely not deleting- all excellent ideas! Will add them to my pile of things to write. And yes, I'm down for getting older OXPs up & running (assuming the original author(s) is/are OK with it).