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Sequence for misjump: BGS (new version)


These usually happen as a result of poor maintenance. One is marooned in interstellar space or witchspace, often surrounded by Thargoids! This can prove to be lethal.

There might be enough fuel left in the tank to escape to the nearest system, but that is not a given. Sometimes it might be possible to use another's witchspace tunnel to escape.

There are a large number of oxp's which modify all this.



  • Enhanced Misjump OXP gives an enhanced tunnel for the witchspace misjump (2011 - before BGS below) - this one is very clever
  • BGS oxp gives an enhanced tunnel for the witchspace jump - which alters when you misjump (see above for the newest BGS version - the older version is different)
  • Galactic Misjump OXP
  • Interstellar Tweaks - a much wider range of encounters/adventures (needs supplementary OXP's too)

OXP's which help!

Force Misjump

Don't do this unless you are either experienced or feeling suicidal!

The way to force mis-jump may follow thus:

1. Pick target system
2. Exit station
3. Get far enough away to jump
4. Initiate hyper-space countdown
5. Hold down the up arrow or the down arrow key (this may vary depending on your computer! - and you need maximum pitch when the count reaches 0 - and a joystick might not manage perfect maximum)
6. Finish countdown
7. Blast those bugs!

If this does not work, you may either need to update Oolite or simply play normally.