Misjump Inducer

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Misjump Inducer OXP
Name Misjump Inducer
Cost 1,000₢
TL Availability 10

...Because sometimes you WANT to go fight Thargoids but are too lazy to use the normal player-inducing misjump method to do it. :lol:


Misjump Inducer is On/Off activation equipment to cause misjumps (or not) on demand. It costs 1000 credits and is available at all systems TL 10+.

This equipment is design to work both with NPC ship wormholes and regular player hyperspace jumps.

Once fitted, the Misjump Inducer can be activated/deactivated using the usual activation method. (N and Shift+N - see Priming Equipment)

This equipment is NOT infallible! Unstable wormholes, random Thargoid ambushes (which use a very powerful field generator to collapse the wormhole tunnel), and/or other equipment may overpower Misjump Inducer!


Unzip the file, and then move the folder "Misjump Inducer v0.2.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation.

Version History

  • v0.2: Now requiring both Scanner Targeting Enhancement and Wormhole Scanner equipment to be functional to buy and use the Misjump Inducer. This is done for game balance (to avoid making it too cheap) and for in-universe explanation on how the equipment works.
  • v0.1: Basic but functional. Incorrectly implies that it will run on v1.74 -- it won't! It also requires v1.75 and later!