Auto Crosshairs

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Auto Crosshairs OXP
Name Auto Crosshairs
Cost 1,750₢
TL Availability 11


This OXP adds an equipment item which changes the way the gun-sight cross-hairs behave in Oolite. In standard Oolite the cross-hairs are static, and only differ in appearance depending on the type of weapons installed. With this OXP installed, once the equipment (the Wildefire Systems Type 4 Gunsight) is purchased, the cross-hairs change shape to alert the pilot to the precise moment a target is centred. Please use responsibly - Wildefire Systems does not endorse or condone hostility between spacefarers.

Simply place the Auto Crosshairs OXP into your "AddOns" folder. The equipment can be bought at space ports with a technological level of 11 or above, for 1750 credits. Only usable with Oolite 1.77 or later. Compatible with any HUD.


AutoCrosshairs_1.1.1.oxz (downloaded 6713 times).

Old version from the box.


The images below show the effects of both Target Reticle OXP, which changes the colour of the reticle, and Auto Crosshairs OXP, which changes the shape of the cross-hairs.

Off target:-

Auto Crosshairs 1.png

On target:-

Auto Crosshairs 2.png