Laser Booster OXP

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This is a small OXP introducing two new dynamics to play. Firstly it offers a switchable laser booster, which doubles the laser damage inflicted when activated (for a small energy drain).

However it also introduces breakable lasers - there is a small chance of a laser breaking on use, with increased chance if the booster is brought into play and the lasers pushed beyond their specified heat tolerances.

If lasers do break they can be repaired either at the station equipment screen or by repair bots/systems.


After purchase, the booster is selected and activated using the equipment priming keys (normally "n" and "shift-N" respectively). Note that with the OXP installed the laser breakage risk comes into place, regardless of whether the equipment is installed or not. But the chance increases as the laser heats up.


  • Tech Level - 13.
  • Cost - 25,000 credits.

Available to NPCs - no.


This OXP does not support the newer OXP lasers and you may well find that if they break, that you loose them entirely!


This OXP requires at least trunk version 1.77 of Oolite.



  • To initiate laser cooler at launch (but also makes breakages more common), see code here. By SirArian (2014).
  • How to tweak OXZ's