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Jameson or Young Jameson

On delivery it is traditional for new Cobra command consoles to be set up with the default username Commander Jameson which is now universally recognized as slang for an inexperienced pilot. It is ironic that while Jameson is the slang for a newbie, the original Commander Jameson was the very first to be awarded the rank of "Elite".

Many new pilots have forgotten that when mooring a ship at a GalCop station they should alter the default filename used to manage the moorage facility to indicate who they themselves are, and thereby update their ships configuration. Experienced pilots sometimes hang around in the bars overlooking the admin section watching groups of young pilots trying to decide from the limited information provided which of the various Jamesons is them. In the worst cases, confusion of Jameson records has caused pilots to use incorrect or old ships, finding themselves stranded in the wrong place, on the wrong ship, with no idea how to recover. Although some of the old hands find this amusing, and offer small consolation in their advice to plan things better next time, it can cause serious frustration to inexperienced pilots, who just want to get in the ship as they left it and fly.

Of special amusement is the small group of experienced pilots from various humanoid systems who are actually named Jameson, and sometimes even have to adopt pseudonyms to avoid the embarrassment of declaring that Jameson is coming in to dock, or even worse to open communications with a Hognose Tugship, the commanders of which seem to live for the day they are hailed by Commander Jameson and will often tell the tale years later.

Date of Elite

This is determined from Commander Jameson's life.

Elite is not given a date. Dates are published in The Space Traders Flight Training Manual, but for such things as the first production of the Cobra Mk III and not for the game itself. Due to Elite's Jameson being the grandfather of the player in Frontier, and the date in Frontier being set at 3200, Selezen calculated the date of the Classic Elite game as being 3125, and that of Oolite as 3147. See the discussion & links in Time.

Purism vs Syncretism

In the Syncretist school of Oolite History, the Frontier game gives Commander Jameson a long life. Selezen's syncretist Commander Jameson is thus alive during the time of Oolite. This contrasts with Cim's approach where the Purist Commander Jameson died 5 years ago at the battle of Inera. See both timelines under Oolite timeline. Discussion of the two schools - and a third approach - is in Lore.

Customising your Jameson in Oolite

  • You can change your Jameson's name (and your ship's name) on the F4 screen while docked at a GalCop orbital station.
  • Jameson Faces.oxp in Zireael's Dropbox (2014)
  • Library OXP (under Miscellaneous OXZs in the Expansions Manager) includes a PAD where you can enter/change details about your Jameson. Accessed through the F4 screen when docked.
  • Musings about the persistence of a player's reputation: "Dwarf fortress has a sort of "rumor" system, which spreads facts about the actions of both the player and certain NPCs, called historical figures. Things like, "Sam dueled Jack and cut of his ear in the year 1624", "Amy stole an artifact from the fortress Leatrode in 203", and "Jimmy is jerk". I think that facts and chatter like DF could really spice up the game. Is this kind of thing OXP-able?" (Neanderthal, 2016)


  • Comic of Frontier's Jameson (5 pdf's).