Space Bar

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Seedy Space Bar
Size (metres, W×H×L) 500 x 850 x 250
Manoeuvrability Roll: 0.0
Pitch: 0.0
Rotating No
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments 9 Plasma Cannons
Defenders Bounty Hunters
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon B
Seedy Bar.png
Seedy Bar 2.png


Seedy Space Bars are found in the space lanes of all Anarchy Systems, from The Worlds End Bar at Riedquat to The Golden Gargle Blaster at Aditira. Although the internal lay out and available liquors vary, each bar appears to have been constructed following the same basic design. Space Bars are always constructed from large hollowed out asteroids, construction crews working for months in space suits with hand Mining Lasers to create a warren of interconnected chambers within the asteroid. The habitable area is then extended by the addition of a duralium super-structure to the outside of the rock. A drawbridge-like construction is fitted to the front of the bar, to allow easy loading of supplies, although this entry-way is too small to accommodate visiting star ships. The Docking Bay is situated on the underneath of the Bar complex, the internal hangars easily able to accommodate over fifty docked craft at any one time.

In the dangerous space lanes of Anarchy Systems, the sight of a Space Bar is a welcome sight for law-abiding Commanders, as they come under the protective wing of the bar’s auto-tracking plasma cannons and squadrons of hard-bitten bounty hunters. Criminal Commanders should however exercise caution in the vicinity of a Space Bar. In addition to their weapons systems, bars are defended by a group of Sentinel Satellites. These devices perform a dual function. Firstly, they will detect and disarm any active Q-Mines, frying the mine’s computer circuitry with an EMP burst before it can detonate. Secondly, the satellites scan the Legal Status of all approaching vessels. If the target vessel is an Offender or worse, the ship’s details are displayed on large plasma screens situated in the main bar area. As the patrons of the bars are almost exclusively bounty hunters, ships are likely to scramble to collect the bounty on the offender’s head.

Deployment History

Space Bars in one form or another have been around since the first days of inter-system travel. However, a worrying development for those of a criminal nature has been the recent agreement between GalCop and the management of the Seedy Space Bar Chain, to make available the details of GalCop’s Most Wanted Criminals to Commanders choosing to dock with these establishments. Upon docking with a Space Bar, Commanders may log on to the local Bulletin Board. Once logged on they can peruse the details and last known locations of the most dangerous criminals in the local Galaxy. Commanders with sufficiently high Elite Ratings may accept missions to hunt down and destroy or capture the rogue. The bounties paid for completing these missions are vastly higher than the typical bounty paid by GalCop. As a result, Space Bars tend to be magnets for highly skilled combat pilots.


Bar prices are generally high and consequently the interior of these drinking dens tend to be fairly luxurious. The finest beverages are always available from Ceedraian Old Peculiar to Atistisoian evil brandy. Entertainments are frequently laid on for the amusements of patrons. These tend to be rather base in nature, fully nude Leaterian monkey mud wrestling and Bianbiesian fat feline pole dancing being amongst the more tasteful attractions. Each bar has a fully staffed kitchen facility serving the finest delicacies from the eight galaxies, although most patrons will content themselves with a bar snack of fabulous Rebeesian goat burgers or a remarkable Israzaian snake and ale pie.

In an exclusive deal with Star Sports Limited, the management of the Seedy Space Bar Chain also posses the sole rights to show most major sporting events. Large plasma screens are mounted in the bar area, showing anything from the famous Ereddiveian Zero-G Cricket Cup to the exciting Ormalaian Vacuum Karate Championships. The ship yards and ship servicing facilities offered by the Space Bars are amongst the finest available. Given the dangerous lives lead by most patrons, the chance to repair damaged equipment or upgrade weapons systems is welcome, although Commanders should expect to pay slightly over the odds for repairs performed at a Seedy Space Bar.


This station is part of the Random Hits OXP.