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Holographic Numeric HUD is the latest in visual aid for navigation and dogfighting.


Fresh from the design board of 249th NRW R&D, HoloNumHUD is a modification of NumericHUDv3.0. There are three polar grids to ease precision. One for the scanner, one for the ASC, and the original for the crosshairs. I believe this setup works best, but feel free to tinker!

There is also a screen-brightener built in; edit the details for whiteRectangle.png if you want it brighter or darker, or if you have to resize it for a different window size.

The polar grids are intended to make course corrections more precise and instinctive. The central grid also has the yaw, pitch, and roll indicators built in, serving as an additional aimpoint as well as aiding in the pilot's precision.

In addition, when the ship is in condition green, the ASC will superimpose over the polar grid, once again enabling more precise maneuvers. This is in addition to the distance and ETA functions.

The design team advises users not to use Sniper Sight with this HUD, as the SniperSight's separate HUD will not include the polar grid or any other features of HoloNum.

HoloNumHUD (Docked).png

Docked HUD

This HUD has the most thought-through Docked HUD effect. Nothing at all (no immersion-breaking), unless you are on the F3 page (ship outfitting). There it gives you just what you need (missile status).


This HUD seems not to support any MFD's.



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