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The Coluber HUD CH01 is the popular modernised version of a Coluber HUD. But see below for Coluber HUD CH02

Riredi's sodalite orbital station, also designed by Coluber and where this HUD was designed


The Coluber HUD CH01 is a fully featured HUD with individual scales for each gauge and additional control lights for important equipment. It is developed and produced by Coluber Works and Shipyards Inc. in the Riredi system.

Cargo-ship pilots especially like this HUD because it has an extra big scanner and additional control lights for important equipment.


Screenshot showing the Coluber HUD CH01 on a 2560x1440 pixel (16:9) monitor scaled-down to 1000x563

Legend (left to right):
Left: WTP (Weapon TemPerature - degrees Kelvin); EQ1 & EQ2 (see Features below); AFS, FWS & NRG (AFt Shield, ForWard Shield, eNeRGy banks)
Right: SPD (SPeeD); FUL (FUeL), COMP GW-99 (ASC: Tyley-Feynman GW-99 astro-navigation COMPass); ALT (Altitude); CTP (Cabin TemPerature - degrees Kelvin); CLK (CLocK)

Image showing the five types of crosshairs implemented in Coluber HUD CH01
Crosshairs (left to right):
no weapon, Pulse Laser, Military Laser, Beam Laser, Mining Laser

Coluber HUD's ASC with built-in combination gauge for pitch, roll & yaw (indicated by movement of yellow rhombus)
Coluber HUD CH02
Nomad's newer version showing sun-glare adaptations


  • Oolite 1.80 additional HUD elements
  • Bigger scanner
  • Bigger space-compass with integrated combination gauge for pitch, roll, and yaw (see right)
  • Numeric ship speed display and a numeric altitude added when below 1000m.
  • Gauges are hidden while docked to allow big GUI.
  • Up to 7 MFD´s (depending on monitor resolution)
  • Individual scales for each gauge
  • Contrast backgrounds
  • Customized crosshairs (see screen shot just above) - note that in "red alert" combat information is also grouped around the crosshairs (the gauges for shields, energy, weapon temperature, the control lights for injectors, E.C.M. and escapepod and the weapon display).
  • Also note that when a target is centred, the crosshairs become more emphatic.
  • Equipment lights: EQ1 (fuel injectors, E.C.M., & Escape pod); EQ2 (fuel scoop, galactic hyperdrive & docking computers)
  • Compatibility with HUD Selector - thus allowing other dials to be added to the HUD.
  • Joystick Precision (sensitivity) Indicator added to the HUD if a Controller/Joystick is connected.

Minimum requirements

Oolite 1.80+. No dependencies.


Install via the expansion pack manager or download the OXZ-file and move it into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.

Known issues

This OXP is not compatible with the Target Reticle OXP. Coluber HUD CH01 already has the proper setting to turn the reticle red when on target.

Phkb's "Coluber HUD Custom"
Different equipment lights, different laser crosshairs
"Lines" from laser to edge are removed. Click to expand
CBR (blue racer) HUD
CBL (black racer) HUD
CRR (red racer) HUD
CYR (yellow racer) HUD


This OXP was developed by Captain Beatnik. Later improved by Norby.


This OXP is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).


Current version

From the in-game Expansions Manager or here: ColuberHUD-1.2.3.oxz

Old versions

Newer Versions: Coluber HUD CH02

Both of these newer versions offer some sort of protection against sun glare

  • (Release) Coluber HUD CH02 a 2016 update by Nomad (2016)
  • Phkb's "Coluber HUD Custom" (2019) with some of the XenonHUD specials added (different laser sights, minor protection for scanner against solar glare), different equipment lights and the lines crossing the screen removed

Version History (Original version)

Version 1.2.3 2020-10-15

  • Added ASC Target distance display

Version 1.2.2 2015-12-20

Version 1.2.1 2015-06-22

  • Fixed a missing image.

Version 1.2 2015-06-21

  • Joystick sensitivity indicator enabled
  • Alert sensitive scanner color
  • Another degree fix by Mazur
  • Allow big gui (longer equipment list in F5) disabled during flight

Version 1.1 2015-06-17 - an update by Norby

  • Removed degree sign from cabin temp, thanks to Smivs.
  • Added numeric ship speed display and a numeric altitude meter below 1000m.
  • Gauges are hidden in dock to allow big gui.
  • Clock moved a bit to fit into Xenon UI.

Version 1.0.1 2014-09-20

  • Changed OXPs name
  • Implemented compatibility with the ingame OXZ manager;
  • implemented compatibility with HUDSelector.oxz. (Many thanks to Norby for providing the necessary JS-code);
  • adjusted COMLOG and MESSAGE GUI size;
  • added one MFD, now 7. MFD position now depends on monitor resolution;

Version 1.0.0 2014-09-18

  • First test-release of this OXP

Other Coluber HUDs

Note: these are 4 of these from a decade ago and they have not been made compatible with HUD Selector or the various other HUD enhancers. They are part of the Coluber Racing OXP: Download here


New HUDs partly based on this Coluber HUD CHO1

Other Coluber HUDs

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Gameplay and Balance indicator


Note that the newer versions mildly help game-play by acting against sun glare.