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CH01 HUD with 7 MFD's
Cobra Mk3 with new HUD
Riredi OXP

Robert Triflinger from Bavaria.

Responsible for the CB and Coluber OXPs.

The HUDs are very striking - and not surprisingly, have inspired others to take them and tweak away with abandon!

Riredi OXP is quite beautiful. The station is gorgeous and a wonderfully unique oddity! Both his HUDs and the Pitvipers proved very popular when they debuted back around 2012.

Captain Beatnik's OXPs include:


(Release) Coluber HUD CH02 - a 2016 update by Nomad
SW HUD - a 2019 update of Coluber HUD CH01 by Stranger
  • CRR-HUD - for the Coluber Red Racer
  • Other HUDs exist for the other Coluber racers and for the Pitviper


  • Coluber Racers Blue, Red, Yellowbelly and Black - each with their own HUD
(UPDATED RELEASE) Coluber ships 20/11/2011, but last updated 28/10/2013
(UPDATED RELEASE) Coluber CRR-5375 Red Racer heavy fighter 11/11/2012
(Release) Coluber Yellowbelly racer 23/10/2012
(RELEASE) Coluber CPV-9333 Pitviper 15/9/2012
(RELEASE) Coluber CPV-12375 Pitviper Mk. II 27/7/2013
  • Cobra Mk3
Beatnik's Cobra 11/4/2012 - New texture with new HUD


  • Riredi OXP remodels the system of Riredi in the first galaxy with a customised planet texture, orbital station and station defenders.