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ModHUD v2.0 utilizes Thargoid's genericHUDswitch script to change the HUD based on alert status. The script has been expanded for the docked condition as detailed below. It is a well balanced HUD with a minimal footprint on the video display. It uses no images.


As with the earlier version, this HUD is a modification of the standard HUD. Forward and aft shield indicators are moved to the right panel, just above the energy gauge. Pitch, roll, and yaw controls are combined into one and located in the left panel. Joystick sensitivity is enabled and located just to the right of the fuel scoop status indicator. Missile display is in the default location and can accommodate up to 6 pylons. More than than that number and it will run into other parts of the HUD. My feeling is that the laser is a more effective weapon than either of the standard missiles, and more than six is plain silly.

The HUD is divided into three panels outlined by use of the drawGreenSurround selector with alpha set at 0.4 to minimize appearance. Lastly, the player ship type and / or name can be added to the HUD. This is detailed in the Legends section of the HUD. It is rather laborious since there are, in fact, 14 HUD plists in the OXP. You can use any good text editor except Windows Notepad. I recommend Notepad++.

With condition docked some elements are taken offline because they serve no purpose. One of these is the IFF Scanner. In its place is displayed a greeting from the station, whether it be the Main Station, Rock Hermit, or an OXP station from the following:
Anarchies OXP
Commies OXP
Dictators OXP
Random Hits OXP
The Feudal States OXP

Upon launching, all the relevant indicators are brought back online. The greetings only work with the core or replacement shipsets, not with any 'Addition' shipsets.


Condition Green HUD
Condition Yellow HUD
Flight yellow.png
Condition Red HUD
Flight red.png

And here are two condition docked HUD images:
Docked main.png

Docked hermit.png


Oolite v1.74 and beyond. Tested successfully with Oolite 1.76.1


After unzipping, move or copy the folder, "ModHUD 2.0.oxp" into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on the location of your Oolite installation.

Version History

09/10/2012 - Version 2.0
11/05/2011 - Version 1.0
15/03/2011 - Version 0.75