Pie Chart Style HUDs

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For many years the members of the vast Oolite community have asked for and discussed the possibility/probability of "Pie Chart Style HUDs" with no solution in sight...until now!(may 20, 2011)

CommonSenseOTB proudly presents the following HUD inventions:

Triangle Gauges HUD #1 PCS HUDv2-1.png Triangle Gauges HUD #2 PCS HUDv2-2.png

Pie Gauges HUD #3 PCS HUDv2-3.png Pie Gauges HUD #4 PCS HUDv2-4.png


PCS HUDv2 is a collection of 4 HUDs for you to try out. #1 and #2 use triangle gauges in 2 gauge clusters. #2 has a full shield gauge on the left and split triangle gauges top and bottom on the right for laser and cabin temperatures. #3 and #4 use pie gauges in 2 gauge clusters. Both use a new sweeping horizontal energy gauge created using the new arrays. This gauge dims as the energy banks are depleted. #4 has a full shield gauge on the left and split pie gauges top and left on the right cluster for laser and cabin temperature. All HUDs have 3 way rpy (roll/pitch/yaw) gauges and a full missile gauge for the maximum allowable missile load. Message center has been modified to clear the gauge clusters. Stick sensitivity indicators and weapon lock indicators are also provided. Dark transparent underlays provide good gauge viewability when facing the sun and good visibility outside the ship when not. Reticle Sensitivity is currently set to false. There is also a line set up for the commanders name. These last 2 features can easily be changed in the hud.plist. Overall they are fully equipped and very playable/useable HUDs.


Current version 2 is a demonstrator of the hud.plist arrays that make up triangle and pie gauges. It contains 4 HUD.oxps illustrating different combinations of those gauges into workable/useable HUDs. Consider version 2 to be the starting point of a whole new series of HUDs. Future version 3 will integrate HUD switching and may feature new arrays and equipment based installation.


  • Oolite v1.75.1 or higher.
  • No dependencies.


You have unlimited permission to use these hud.plist arrays as the foundation of your HUDs provided you give fair attribution to the author(CommonSenseOTB). NOW GO AND MAKE SOME AMAZING NEW HUDS!!!


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