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Thargoid's Butterflies oxp experiment


A whimsical little OXP which adds butterflies into the game as a demonstrator of some ideas for more animated and interesting ship designs. In themselves they don't do much, just fly between the stations and the witchpoint (low-chance trader role) either singly or in a swarm. They are entirely unarmed, and will flee from combat whenever possible.

As a few of you already know, I've been playing around of late with some new ideas. One of them is what can be done with more animated ships (without the aid of shaders in my case).

First example of that was my Stellar Serpents, but now I've got another little demo, in this case one that adds some butterflies to the game. Not quite in keeping I know, but they look nice with their flapping wings.

So I thought I'd offer the demo OXP as a showcase of what can be done, and perhaps as encouragement to anyone else who might feel like playing around with the idea. Examples could be X-Wing style attack foils, ships which react to things like high temperature or low energy by changing shape or indeed all sorts of other stuff.

Anyway enough waffle, for those who would like it, the butterflies OXP is here.



This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license with the following clauses:

  • Whilst you are free (and encouraged) to re-use any of the scripting, models or texturing in this OXP, the usage must be distinct from that within this OXP. Unique identifiers such as (but not limited to) unique shipdata.plist entity keys, mission variables, script names (, equipment identity strings (EQ_), description list arrays and entity roles must not be re-used without prior agreement. Basically if it's unique or would identify or overwrite anything in the original OXP, then you may not re-use it (for obvious compatibility reasons).
  • rebundling of this OXP within another distribution is permitted as long as it is unchanged. The following derivates however are permitted and except from the above:

* the conversion of files between XML and openStep. * the merging of files with other files of the same type from other OXPs.

  • The license information (either as this file or merged into a larger one) must be included in the OXP.
  • Even though it is not compulsory, if you are re-using any sizable or recognisable piece of this OXP, please let me know :)


Unzip the file, and then move the folder "Butterflies.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Then start the game up whilst holding down shift until you see the spinning Cobra MkIII screen.

Due to the script commands involved, this OXP requires Oolite v.1.74

Frame Callback: Butterflies callback

  • Box Download (2011) Butterflies callback - the frame callback version of Butterflies animation demo (co-authored with Kaks)
  • From the associated ReadMe:
Hi, Kaks here!

To test that the butterflies code works ok you need to have the debug console.
Install the OXP in the AddOns folder, then once your ship has left the station type:


inside the debug console. About half of the butterflies will dock to the station, about half will jump out of the system.

There shouldn't be any errors in the log after following a butterfly through their wormhole, or after jumping to a totally different system.

Any issue, do let us know on the following thread:

Cheers! :)

Frame Callback: Animation Demo

  • Box Download (2011) Animation Demo - small examples of the new frame callback in Oolite v.1.75
  • From the associated ReadMe:
Animation Demo OXP by Thargoid (with Ahruman and Eric Walch)

A small demonstration OXP of the new frame callback functionality for producing animation within Oolite 1.75 and beyond.

To trigger the demo, launch from the main station in any system and within 10 seconds target the nav buoy (either with R or T). Two example drones should appear at 500m either side of the buoy. One uses the new frame callback for its animation, and for comparison the other one uses the older method of javascript timers.

Aside from that it doesn't actually do much, although watching the drones is somewhat hypnotic after a while :)


This is a demo OXP license under Creative Commons: attribution, non-commercial, sharealike.


Unzip the file, and then move the folder "AniDemo.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. 

Due to the script commands involved, this OXP requires Oolite version 1.75 or higher.


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