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Starship Design Works are a new enterprise, believed to originate from Galactic Sector 5. It is not clear exactly where they started, but sales reps are liable to appear in any system, offering their wares, usually refusing to take "no" for an answer. Which is understandable given the comparatively low cost of their products. Supplying exclusively to government and law enforcement agencies, the reps are keen to stress that they are not responsible for ships which have ended up in the hands of those on the other side of the law.


The Mamushi (Pit Viper) is the first public release from Starship Design Works and fulfills the ideal of an ultra light weight, portable and almost disposable fighter for escort and protection work.

This has been supplemented with the Osoroshii (dreadful) Carrier. This is intended as a light cruiser equipped with a number of Mamushi fighters.



Latest versions are announced first on the forum: Mamushi Light Fighter and Osoroshii Carrier (2012)

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