Coriolis (burning)

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Griff's burning coriolis 1.png
Griff's burning coriolis 2.png

A burning Coriolis station for use in other oxp's


The Burning Corolis OXP spawns a flashing, semi-transparent but otherwise fully functional corolis station, upon player launch.

I've been mucking around a bit more with the heated metal effect from the glowing alloy shader and thought I'd apply it to one of the station models since I think we're missing one of the missions from the Spectrum version of Classic Elite? (I don't know how to do the 'spoiler' thing to hide text so I won't go into details about which mission is missing). I wanted to try the 'discard' thing to give crinkly edges to the polygons too.    Griff (2008)

A shader text OXP for Oolite.

This oxp adds a heavily damaged griff_coriolis station near to the player's ship when launching from a system station. The Burning Coriolis is 'Like Shipped' to a normal Coriolis so even though it's on fire with large sections of the hull missing everyone on board is quite relaxed and happy to trade as normal!




  • Wreck.oxp - by Killer Wolf (2023) - wrecked Coriolis & wrecked viper