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RX Anaconda
RX Gecko
RX Moray Starboat

From Commander Xairon's posts:

This is a remake of all the player ships in game and also adds a series of new ships (most of them player usable)

list of vanilla game ships replaced in the expansion

Not replaced: Escape Pod, Fer-de-Lance (Oolite), Shuttle (Oolite), Thargoids' ships, Transporter (Oolite), Worm (Oolite)

list of extra ships originally included in the expansion

Courasanche Consortium

  • Dragon Class Fighter: (mk1, 2 and 3)
  • Wyvern Class Cruiser: (mk1)

Valhalla Corporation

  • Fenrir class fighter: Mk1, 2 and 3: Fenrir class MK2 - sorry for the less than acceptable models shown here - my inspiration is back with my girlfriend: Image
  • Prusd class heavy cruiser: Behold this beauty! the largest thing I ever docked at a station! Image
  • Brunhild class charger

creeper of the Black Widow company (sp?)

  • Grim Reaper: (mk1 and 2)
  • Headless Horseman class cruiser: drown in a cesspool of darkness! Feel the evilness of this boa-sized light cruiser: Image
  • Frankstein class battleship


  • automata fighter
  • automata interceptor
  • automata megacharger


It also includes the RX-Aerospace Loyalty-class Cruiser and Valiant-class Fighter in the shipset

Commander Xairon

While Cmdr Xairon's command of English is not the greatest - he is from Venezuela and was gassed by the Marxist regime in the early protests - he more than makes up for it with his skills in modelling.

 I can't believe this, it is impossible... like they always said, it is happening ! the people are just too scared.. explosions, shootings, chaos
 I can barely breath - have been aspiring lacrimogen gas all day, sirens go by and return, people scream... I have only seen 2 or 3 from afar
 they are really walking...
 dead corpses... (Mar 16, 2013)



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