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RX Anaconda
RX Gecko
RX Moray Starboat

From Commander Xairon's posts:

This is a remake of all the player ships in game and also adds a series of new ships (most of them player usable)

list of vanilla game ships replaced in the expansion

Not replaced: Escape Pod, Fer-de-Lance (Oolite), Shuttle (Oolite), Thargoids' ships, Transporter (Oolite), Worm (Oolite)

list of extra ships originally included in the expansion

Courasanche Consortium

  • Dragon Class Fighter: (mk1, 2 and 3)
  • Wyvern Class Cruiser: (mk1)

Valhalla Corporation

  • Fenrir class fighter: Mk1, 2 and 3: Fenrir class MK2 - sorry for the less than acceptable models shown here - my inspiration is back with my girlfriend: Image
  • Prusd class heavy cruiser: Behold this beauty! the largest thing I ever docked at a station! Image
  • Brunhild class charger

creeper of the Black Widow company (sp?)

  • Grim Reaper: (mk1 and 2)
  • Headless Horseman class cruiser: drown in a cesspool of darkness! Feel the evilness of this boa-sized light cruiser: Image
  • Frankstein class battleship


  • automata fighter
  • automata interceptor
  • automata megacharger


It also includes the RX-Aerospace Loyalty-class Cruiser and Valiant-class Fighter in the shipset

Commander Xairon

While Cmdr Xairon's command of English is not the greatest - he is from Venezuela and was gassed by the Marxist regime in the early protests - he more than makes up for it with his skills in modelling.

 I can't believe this, it is impossible... like they always said, it is happening ! the people are just too scared.. explosions, shootings, chaos
 I can barely breath - have been aspiring lacrimogen gas all day, sirens go by and return, people scream... I have only seen 2 or 3 from afar
 they are really walking...
 dead corpses... (Mar 16, 2013)



THIS and every other Oolite related work of rx-software is released under GNUstep public license you cannot sell or distribute this material recieving any kind of profit Rx-software claims autor rights over the models made on this OXP PLUS all the names and the oolite title, names and code belong to gilles wiliams and colaborators

ESTE y todo material relacionado con Oolite por Rx-Software es liberado bajo una lisencia publica GNUstep usted no esta autorizado a vender o distribuir este material en cambio de alguna remuneracion Rx-Software clama derechos de autor por los modelos hechos en este OXP ADEMAS todos los nombres y el titulo, nombres y codigos de Oolite pertenecen a gilles williams y sus colaboradores

HOWEVER you can modify and use this work if you give credit to the rightfull owners




  • The views for these ships are often occluded by bits of ship. The view has been set slightly too close in towards that side of the ship. It should just be a matter of tweaking the "z" component (for front and rear views) to move it outwards a bit and put the view outside the ship model. You need the "view_position_.." setting in the shipdata.plist in the config folder.
You may care to refer to How to tweak OXZ's