List of Lost OXP's

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The following OXP's seem to be lost with no working download links.

Deepspace Retro HUD
Snork's tweak of Lave's HUD
Borg Cube
DSE Wyvern

Activities OXP's

  • Alternative Ooniverses OXP: Wildeblood (2011). Re-configures the Galactic Hyperdrive OXP, with charts and destinations set in an alternative ooniverse.
  • Mafia.oxp: DocWild (2007, beta version, download link broken). A career in the Mafia
  • PsychOo OXP: Smivs (2010, download link removed). Oolite 6th Birthday present

Dockable OXP's

Equipment OXP's


  • Lave's HUD as tweaked by Snork (2010-11): never published?
  • Yet another HUD: Palmski (2010, download link broken).
  • Retro HUD: Deepspace (see bottom of page, c. 2009, download link broken)
  • CommonSenseOTB was working on a number of new HUDs (2011: External Missiles HUD, Needle HUD) - see Viewtopics of Interest

Mechanics OXP's

Ships OXP's