List of Lost OXP's

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Missing Tetiri texture (Famous Planets)
Deepspace Retro HUD
Snork's tweak of Lave's HUD
Borg Cube
DSE Wyvern

The following OXP's seem to be lost with no working download links.

Activities OXP's

Ambience OXP's

  • Famous Planets OXP - the original version 1.1 of this had music for visiting the 10 specific systems included in FP (Lave, Zaonce, Reorte, Tionisla, Tianve, Teraed, Leesti, Isinor, Diso, Lerelace). This music was removed in the later versions, as was the custom city-scape texture for G1 Xexedi. Download links broken.
There was also Teread HD - a high definition high-tech planet texture
There might also have been a city-scape texture for G5 Tetiri which was never included. But see Famous Planets Overhaul (FPO) which rectifies/improves on some of this.
See RELEASED: Famous Planets v1.1. with music packs (2008) for the details
There are several others which were important in their day (but not now): Plannets.oxp, SystemRedux, SystemDemux - all with low density textures from 2006-8.


  • Engine Sound oxp (Streb2001, 2015) Engine sound varies in volume with throttle setting, an experimental injector whine, a sci-fi warp-coil hum for the torus drive, beefed-up laser sound with subtle but highly satisfying thud!

Dockable OXP's

Equipment OXP's


  • Lave's HUD as tweaked by Snork (2010-11): never published?
  • External Missiles HUD (2011) - .oxp not published (by CSOTB)
  • Yet another HUD: Palmski (2010, download link broken).
  • Retro HUD: Deepspace (see bottom of page, c. 2009, download link broken)
  • CommonSenseOTB was working on a number of new HUDs (2011: Needle HUD - and the External Missiles HUD above) - see Viewtopics of Interest
  • Mystery HUD in 2010 screen shot - might it be one of the one mentioned above?

Mechanics OXP's

Miscellaneous OXP's

Mission OXP's

Retexture OXP's

Opus Chaotica (XaanderKyyp Shipyards)

Ship OXP's