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This page is about the human being who plays Oolite. For the Deadly rated harmless furry feline, see this page.

Ryan Hoots is a Linux user and a fan of the game Oolite. He flies a custom Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, and is the author of several OXPs. He enjoys shooting pirates in anarchic systems, and shoots anything with an Offender or Fugitive status on sight.

He lives in the US, and plays Minecraft or Star Trek Online when he's not playing Oolite or messing with his private wiki.


Ryan Hoots' current primary OXP project is Koneko Industries OXP, but he also has a few others in progress, as well.

Released OXPs

OXPs in progress

Oolite Fiction

So far, Ryan Hoots has only published one Oolite fiction story, but there are plans to do more.

Anguis Primus is a short story about a girl who finds an übership by accident.

Short story: Be careful what you wish for