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Commander Ryan Hoots
Elite Rating Deadly (5400+ confirmed kills)
Credits 7,000,000+
All of it legally obtained, no cheating
Weapons Military lasers, all mounts
Usually 4 Hardheads
Ship Ippon
Interests High bounty pirates,
low price trading goods.
Species Harmless Furry Feline
Home planet Cesousla (G5)

Commander Ryan "Koneko" Hoots is a harmless furry feline from Cesoulsa in G5. Be warned, "harmless" is just part of his species' name, not his Elite Rating. Hoots is Deadly and usually clean.


Commander Ryan J Hoots was born in the med bay of a Rock Hermit in the Tianve system, located in Galaxy 1. His mother and father are unknown to this day, but it is known that they both come from Cesousla.

In the year 3134, he applied to join Lave Academy. He dropped out in 3135, stealing a Cobra Mk3.

After shaking his fugitive status, Hoots became a trader, sneaking in hits at trade caravans when GalCop wasn't looking. He soon upgraded to a Caduceus Omega, the Sword of Fire.

In 3143, he founded Koneko Industries on Cesousla, in hopes to become rich(er). After trading in his ship for a Cobra Mk1, he worked hard and eventually purchased the Cobra Mk3 Taylor Miller, which was eventually rebuilt almost from scratch. This new Cobra Mk3 variant was later reproduced and sold by Koneko Industries as the Koneko Kobra.

After a while, he had a completely new ship built for him, known as Ippon.