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This page is about the Koneko Kobra line of ships from Koneko Industries. For the original Koneko Kobra, see Koneko Kobra Mk1

The Koneko Kobra line of ships were built and designed by Koneko Industries, and were based on the famous Cobra Mk.3. The ship series has been Koneko Industries' biggest success to date, with billions of units sold so far. The ships are designed as a light trader with considerable firepower, speed, and agility.

Koneko Kobra Mk1

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The original Koneko Kobra, first designed by Ryan Hoots for his personal use as a light trader. Later, the ship design was replicated and sold as the Koneko Kobra, later renamed the Koneko Kobra Mk1. The ship is often seen in the hands of traders, pirates, and bounty hunters.

Koneko Industries has stated that they plan to sell new alternate versions of the ship, including a "Rainbow Version" and a "Golden Version", at a slightly higher price than the standard ship. These alternate versions will be somewhat rare.

Koneko Kobra Clipper

Not much has been released about the Koneko Kobra Clipper, except that it will be less powerful than the standard Mk1 Kobra, with only fore and aft laser mounts, and that it will be much faster than the Mk1. So far, there have been no pictures of the ship, and no hint as to its release date.

Koneko Kobra Mk2

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The Koneko Kobra Mk2 was the successor to the original Koneko Kobra. This ship is fitted with Thargoid technology and the latest tech from Koneko Industries. Not much is known about this ship, as it is only sought by pirates and bounty hunters. The ship is very rare, and it is even more rare to find one with a clean rating.

There have been some incidents where the Kobra Mk2 has been mistaken for a Thargoid Warship by ident computers. This has resulted in several new updates to the identification database on such computers, but the problem has yet to be fixed permanently, and some ship computers still see the Mk2 as a Thargoid Warship.

Koneko Industries has stated, "We have been working hard alongside GalCop to design an update to the ident computers that will bring these 'incidents' to a halt. However, the large amount of Thargoid technology on the ship makes this goal hard to reach. We will keep trying, but for now, remember to always confirm using visual means that the Warship you are targeting is actually Thargoid, and not a Koneko Kobra."

Warning: The Koneko Kobra's red and green paint job may make identification of the ship more difficult.

Koneko Kobra Mk3

The Koneko Kobra Mk3 is currently the private ship of Commander Hoots, the owner of Koneko Industries. It is not for sale anywhere, and the complete specifications have not been published. There is only one Koneko Kobra Mk3 in existence- Taylor Miller.


The Koneko Kobras are part of the Koneko Industries OXP by Ryan Hoots.