Custom Koneko Kobra Kit

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Custom Koneko Kobra Kit
Download Link N/A (not released yet)
Version Unreleased
History This kit allows the player to easily create
a custom paint job for the Koneko Kobra.
Stations None
Ships Custom player version of the Koneko Kobra
Missions None
Equipment None
Alternative HUD
Yes, KIhud.
Sound Set
Category Ships OXPs
Author Ryan Hoots

The Custom Koneko Kobra Kit allows you to create your own custom paint job for the Koneko Kobra using GIMP. Included are full instructions on how to create the custom texture, and set it up as your Koneko Kobra's texture.

This kit assumes you know how to use basic functions of GIMP, and you at least know a little bit about making OXPs.

The kit also includes the xcf file used to create the original Koneko Kobra texture, so if you're good at GIMP and want a more impressive custom texture, go ahead and edit that file.

The entire kit is licensed under the CC-BY-SA, so you have full freedom to mess with the Koneko Kobra texture and distribute the changed texture, as long as you license it under a similar license and attribute the original to Ryan Hoots.

The kit depends on the Koneko Industries OXP, so if you don't have that OXP installed yet, go ahead and do that now. Without the Koneko Industries OXP, your custom ship will not work.

In-Game Story

Introducing the Custom Koneko Kobra Kit, the latest product from Koneko Industries. With this kit, you can give your Koneko Kobra a unique paint job reflecting your tastes in color.

For the more advanced ship designer, we have included everything you need to change the paint job any way you want, from decals to color change.

Don't settle for a ship that looks like everybody else's, make your Koneko Kobra your own with this kit.


This kit has not yet been released, so there is no download available.