Configurable Populator

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Makes some populator settings easily adjustable


This OXP exposes the populator script's existing skill and weapon settings to a user-friendly interface, and adds several new ones allowing some manipulation of group sizes and spawn frequencies. The aim is to let players adjust the difficulty and flavour of their game: not merely 'easy' or 'hard' but 'lots of easy kills' or 'few tough enemies'.

Note that for some settings, 0 does not quite mean 0. For instance, most groups always spawn a minimum of 2 or 3 ships anyway, and despite my best efforts I have been unable to completely stamp out the assassination industry



  • License: "GNU GPL"
  • Author: Ngalo, modifying cim's original script


  • Configurable Populator by Ngalo. Download the oxz and place in your ManagedAddOns folder (see OXP if you need more detail on manually managing .oxz's]]


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This oxp lets you determine how easy or difficult you wish your game to be!

Whilst the way it works might be nice and simple for those who are avid devotees of The Dark Side, for many of us who are not, the "user-friendly interface" reads like Thargoid-sprach!