Navy Carrier Group

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A Navy Carrier Group.

The Carrier Group is the primary fleet configuration of the Galactic Navy. It is a powerful, flexible force designed to answer any military threat from planetary uprising to Thargoid invasion. The Carrier Group was designed and implemented by visionary Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Matthews. Admiral Matthews is widely credited as the driving force that moved the Navy from a small, loosely organized arm of Galcop to the strong, efficient military power it is today.

Notable Features

The standard Carrier Group is comprised of fifteen ships. The group is centered around one Behemoth class carrier. Three Navy Frigates provide fire support for the carrier and screen enemy ships. Five Navy Transports carry necessary men and materials as well as a devastating brace of missiles. Two Navy Minesweepers constantly scan for Q-mines, and four Navy Vipers provide immediate interceptor response. Together these ships operate as the Galactic Navy's premier battle fleet.


Navy Carrier Groups are a part of the Galactic Navy OXP.

A Navy Carrier Group.