Anarchies Facelift

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Collage of updated models


DEFUNCT/OUTDATED - This was merged into Anarchies OXP in version 2.9.

This oxp upgrades Anarchies oxp by Commander McLane to better fit into a Griffified game and adds support for some popular oxps.

  • Salvaged ship models in Salvage-Gang bases are replaced with ship models from installed shipset. In theory this works with every shipset, in practise it has been tweaked to work with Griff's shipset.
  • Sentinel Station and Renegade Station are replaced with ADCK's retextured Navy Bases.
  • Salvager Tugger is replaced with Griff's Hognose. Salvaged ship towed by Tugger is replaced with a ship model from installed shipset. Again tweaked to work with Griff's shipset.
  • Salvager Phoenix is retextured using Griff's Mamba & Python textures. Normal map and emission map is added.
  • Hacker Viper is replaced with a Griff's Viper model.
  • Rock textures of Salvage Gang base and Hacker Outpost have been Griffified with Griff's texture and custom shaders. Normal maps and emission maps have been added when needed.
  • All stations have custom BGS tunnel texture.
  • Compatibility with random shipnames oxp where appropriate.
  • Compatibility with skilled NPCs oxp where appropriate.



Install the OXP by copying anarchies_facelift.oxp to AddOns-folder


DEFUNCT/OUTDATED - This was merged into Anarchies OXP in version 2.9.

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Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
0.5 2013-08-20 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Retextures Retextures OXPs‏‎ Spara Oolite BB