Alternate jump range indicator OXP

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F6 screen (without ANA loaded)
F6 screen (with ANA & the quick many-jump route showing)


An alternative method of showing which systems are within jump range. The less accurate green circle is replaced by green lines and green names.


The problems with drawing a properly circular circle in the Oolite game code means that it approximates - and that reachable systems can be beyond the circumference. The game code rounds down to the integer witchspace quantum (1 IWQ = 0.4 LY) - thus 7.15ly becomes 6.8ly. This oxp is therefore more accurate.


1) Misjumps - Alternate jump range indicator OXP will restrict your choice of new destinations to those at either end of your original jump. You will not be able to access any other systems which may be in range.

2) Diplomancy - Alternate jump range indicator OXP masks the details on the various political maps of the region.



  • Author: Spara
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Minimum Oolite version: v.1.81
  • OXP version: 0.1


This OXP graphically emphasises the fact that one can only jump to systems - and anywhere you like in deep space! Hence opening up the "can of worms" considering systems which may be present but which GalCop has deliberately left out of your computer's jump charts - such as Raxxla.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Minimal improvement in accuracy, minimal change to gameplay! Unless it really irks you - as it irked Spara!