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Switches screen from Library.oxp's Config for AddOns
Values screen from Library.oxp's Config for AddOns

When populating a new system the core game spawns a random amount of asteroids and while being in-system, no new asteroids get spawned. This oxp adds two features. It allows you to control the number of asteroids spawned and implements an asteroid respawning functionality.

Asteroid multiplier

Control the number of asteroids spawned at system population by setting a multiplier that multiplies every spawned asteroid. Multiplication factor can be selected from range 1-5. Note that multiplying asteroids means more entities and that means more stress to the computer.

Asteroid respawner

Respawns destroyed asteroids when the player docks. This feature tries to keep the number of asteroids in system constant. Constant being the number of asteroids spawned at the population step. For every missing asteroid, the oxp respawns a new one following these rules:

1. Oxp checks the number of asteroids around hermits after the population step and defines a per system high limit and low limit based on those numbers. When respawning, all hermits are checked and if the number of asteroids around hermits is between the limits, hermits get replenished up to the high limit. This ensures the mining operations continue, but it's possible that hermits dry out of asteroids.

2. If after the 1. step there are asteroids left to be respawned, a random asteroid is chosen far enough from the player and the rest of the missing asteroids are added back as an asteroid field.

3. If the 2. step fails, rest of the asteroids are scattered around far enough from the player.

Configuration interface

Configure settings via an interface (F4) screen. Interface screen is available at the main station and any rock hermit. If preferred, the interface can be disabled from the main stations.


Silent Asteroid Tweaks is a more immersive add-on by Phkb, moving the interface screen to be accessed by the Config for AddOns heading on the F4 page - you will also need Library.oxz loaded in addition to this original Asteroid Tweaks.

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1.3 2015-10-24 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Mechanics Mechanics OXPs‏‎ Spara Oolite BB