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Equipment Aide adds the right-hand column and its light blue underlay

Buying equipment costs credits and time. And if you running time-sensitive delivery contracts, the time element can be vital. Too bad you don't know how long the service is going to take. This oxp overlays the purchase screen with a list of equipment prices and estimated times to give you clue of the time cost.

The Blue-print

Estimated Service Times
     100₢     0.00:22  
     250₢     0.00:47  
     500₢     0.01:28 
   1,000₢     0.02:52  
   1,500₢     0.04:15  
   3,000₢     0.08:25  
   5,000₢     0.13:58  
  10,000₢     1.03:52  
  20,000₢     2.07:38  
  30,000₢     3.11:25  
  40,000₢     4.15:12  
  50,000₢     5.18:58  


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Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This OXP helps make contract trading more profitable by helping you keep your appointments!