Spicy Hermits

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The Vanilla game rock hermits might be considered to be a bit bland. This oxp spices them up a bit.


The core rock hermits are practically permanent. You can destroy one, but when you re-enter the system, it's back. This oxp changes that. If a rock hermit gets destroyed, it won't reappear again in the same place!

Abandoned hermits

Sometimes rock hermits are abandoned. Lights are turned off, the dock is sealed and they are just left out there rotating alone orbiting the planet. Often these have been used as pirate/smuggler caches and sometimes stuff is just left behind. Find them, destroy them and see if anything has been left for you to salvage.


Three types of rock hermits exist in the core game with different allegiances and slightly different markets. This oxp emphasizes that characterization by altering markets and rock hermit behaviour to better match the following roles:

Mining bases

  • Small scale mining operations happen here. Mining products for sale and it's possible to do some mining around the rock hermit and sell extracted minerals to the hermit. Fuel and basic missiles for sale.

Smugglers' dens

  • Small-scale mining operations and small-scale unofficial trading happen here. A small market with no legal restrictions. Some mining products and restricted goods usually for sale. The station is protected by a couple of hired goons that patrol the hermit. Goons only react, if the rock hermit or they themselves are provoked. Be wary, the visitors of this place are from both sides of the law. Fuel and basic missiles for sale.

Pirate havens

  • This rock hermit has been overrun by pirates, that now hang around the station and keep it as their base. Be ready to defend yourself, if you dare to approach this station. Offers high-tech ship maintenance and a selection of high-level equipment popular amongst pirates for sale at premium prices. A small market is filled with fruits of piracy. This is a rare rock hermit type, that can only be found in the most unstable systems.


  • Big thank you to Cody, Fritz and others who helped by testing and providing invaluable comments and suggestions.

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